Just Call Me Paul Revere

by Jill Dalton

Originally published March 6, 2011

I awoke recently in the middle of the night with the clarion bell ringing in my head. Okay I don’t mean to be alarmist but this is what I heard.

America is under attack. Our democracy is under attack. This attack is not from foreign ‘terrorists’ as the corporate media would brainwash us to believe but from the inside. Our enemies are within and they are rich and powerful and will stop at nothing to bring down our Republic. They are licking their chops in anticipation, drunk with power, enfolded in hubris and saturated in greed.

It turns out this is a full scale war by Republicans who’ve been bought and paid for by the right wing billionaire Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch and others to destroy our democracy by killing our unions, public institutions and the rights of all workers in the United States. This is as serious as a heart attack. Trust me, we ignore this at our own peril.

And if these right wing extremists succeed we are finished. We’ll be living in every maniacal capitalist’s wet dream, a corporate fascist state where the individual is reduced to serfdom. Sounds alarmist and ridiculous? Call me Paul Revere if you must, but take it from Mussolini, one of the creators of fascism when he said: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

This concept is difficult for most Americans to wrap our brains around, as we’ve never experienced this first hand. Let’s see how this works: According to David G. Mills’ article, It’s the Corporate State Stupid, “The structure of fascism is corporatism, or the corporate state. The structure of fascism is the marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power.” And the reason the employee unions must be destroyed is because they stand in the way of a complete corporate takeover. Thus corporate fascism is known as Corporatism.

Mill’s also references Dr. Lawrence Britt’s “The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism” and I will too. #10 on the list is the “Power of labor is suppressed or eliminated.” For the record, on May 2nd, 1933, the day after Labor Day, Adolf Hitler outlawed trade unions along with collective bargaining and the right to strike. Nazi groups raided union halls and labor leaders were arrested. This was the beginning of a consolidation of power by the fascist regime in Germany, which systematically wiped out all opposition groups, starting with unions, liberals, artists, and intellectuals, anyone who understood what was going on and disagreed with them.

Bank of America, NYC

The Koch brothers who helped fund the Tea Party, have brought their enormous economic power into play by buying many of the ‘Party of No’ Republican members of congress and Republican governors across the country. The Koch’s shelled out enormous funds to ensure the election of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin while Murdoch funded the campaign of now Governor John Kasich, the multi millionaire from Shearson Lehman in Ohio with the intent of killing unions and workers rights. And we are now seeing the ramifications of these elections. Walker exposed himself as a little man with delusions of grandeur and dictatorial ambitions in a faked phone call by Ian Murphy posing as David Koch!

This attack on American workers did not begin with the Koch brothers. It actually began 30 years ago on August 5, 1981 when Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers who ignored his demand to return to work. And this attack has continued and escalated until we now have an out and out blatant effort to destroy not only all unions, but also the rights of all American workers to bargain collectively.

The way I see it, corporate fascism is controlling almost everything in America today and intentionally creating great inequities in income/wealth within the population. We have the run a muck military industrial complex, the corrupt financial system of Wall Street and the Too Big to Fail banks. The banks are now bigger than before the bailout began in 2008; the health care industrial complex operates like a drug cartel with immunity and draconian agri farming and dirty energy companies rule supreme. Ever wonder why there’s no clean energy policy in this country and we’re literally being held “over a barrel?” Well, it turns out the megalomaniac Koch brothers also have a chokehold on clean energy because of their vested interests in oil, natural gas and coal. They spend huge amounts of money fighting EPA regulations everywhere.

Our illegal wars are no accident. #4 on Britt’s list is “The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.” Our corporate military industrial complex eats up ½ of all our discretionary spending. We spend more money on defense than all the other nations of the world combined and the insane part is we do it at the expense of our own welfare. We continue to borrow billions of dollars from China to prop up our military Empire as our cities go bankrupt, our infrastructure collapses, and our failing educational system has us hovering in the 20’s in critical areas like math and science.

We have no economic justice. Britt’s #13 is “Rampant cronyism and corruption. Within a 30-year span we have gone from being the greatest democracy in the world to stealing from our citizens pension plans to fund these illegal wars to rewarding the self-serving criminal class with obscene amounts of money. After Wall Street received their hundreds of billions in bailouts, Lloyd Blankfine received a 12.5 million dollar bonus and had his yearly salary tripled as a reward for his corrupt actions at Goldman Sachs. Wall Street’s big banks engaged in illegal gambling, took outrageous risks and brought down the world economy, which continues today, and not one of these scumbags has been investigated, charged or prosecuted for this global meltdown except Bernie Madoff.  Madoff went to prison because he had the “gall” to steal from rich people. Hello!

Image by Tracy Knauss

Our government bails out Wall Street and the banks but gives no help to American homeowners who’ve been foreclosed on because these shysters tricked them. There were over 1 million foreclosures last year and this year they’ll be at least a million more. The housing market has declined nearly 30% and is still completely depressed.

Our taxes are paid for on the backs of the middle class while #9 the “Power of corporations is protected.” Nearly 2/3 of U.S. corporations, while basking in billions in profits, pay NO taxes to the United States. Exxon and Bank of America both paid $0 in taxes last year all the while screaming corporate taxes are too high. And President Obama has continued the cronyism by extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, creating hundreds of billions of dollars more in deficits as the unemployment rate lingers between 9-10%. Actually it’s more accurately between 17-20% if we count the people who’re no longer eligible for benefits or have just given up. Millions of Americans are trying to subsist on a measly $200-$400 a week unemployment check if they are “lucky” enough to qualify for it. And let’s not forget the 99ers that have exhausted their unemployment benefits along with their savings and retirement accounts and are now nearly destitute.

Now, I know we have a fiscal crisis in this country and let’s face it in politics no crisis goes to waste. Like they say, “Follow the money.” Well, we’ve had the largest transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the wealthiest members of society. The figures in wealth disparagement range from the top 1-5% now own 45-95% of the wealth. Obviously, whatever was supposed to “trickle down” with Reaganomics has, for the past 30 years has been “gushing up” while workers wages remain stagnant and this is only getting worse under Obamanomics.

And where is our jobs bill? Better yet where are our jobs? Turns out Bill Clinton did a lot more than “not have sexual relations with that woman.” He also promoted and signed NAFTA into law claiming this would help American workers. Instead, most of the “free trade” agreements allow American corporations to take all their jobs overseas where in China, for example, slaves work for less than a dollar a day. Ever wonder why things are so cheap at Walmart?

Rally NYC 4-9-11

During the Great Depression, FDR pushed back against these corporate interests calling them out as fascist. In 1936, FDR proclaimed, “Government run by organized money is the same as government run by the organized mob.” And where is our president? He’s off making his amends to the Chamber of Commerce and offering to “sell” their stuff to foreign countries without charging them a commission! But Obama alas is no FDR in fact he’s completely sold out. He recently moved three more persons into his office with strong connections to Wall Street, the corporations and the Chamber. Bill Daley and Gene Sperling are now economic advisors and Jeffrey Immelt CEO of GE who has moved thousands of our jobs offshore is his “Job” advisor.

Obama’s new budget protects the corporate interest while taking it out on hungry children, college students and people who can’t pay their heating bills. What’s a president to do? After all, these large corporations fed huge amounts of money into his 2008 campaign; and now Obama needs to raise one billion dollars for the 2012 campaign. Where do you think those huge sums of money are going to come from? Let’s face it; Goldman Sachs contributed almost one million dollars to his campaign whereas I, for one, felt grateful to be able to fork over a couple hundred bucks.

The truth is our unions, especially public servants, are being scapegoated for our economic woes when in reality this economic crisis was created by greedy Wall Street crooks. And not only were they fully bailed out they continue to rake in record profits and nothing has changed. Wall Street is still being run like a casino. Where is the economic justice in this?

However, this is no time to lose heart. We must stay strong. Deregulating corporations has unleashed a horror on humanity that is killing the planet and will stop at nothing to destroy us. Corporations have no soul, no conscience, no compassion; their value system is to maximize profit. And last year the Supreme Court decided they should be treated like “persons” and allowed to contribute unlimited funds to political campaigns. But the last time I checked our constitution still read, “We the People” not “We the Corporations.” But make no mistake we are at war with them to protect our way of life; our very survival is at stake.

Rally NYC 4-9-11

I attended the Save the American Dream rally in New York City along with thousands across the nation to stand in solidarity with our brave brothers and sisters of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is our Cairo and we, like Egypt, must over throw this tyranny. If Egypt can do it then we can too. The rhetoric of the corporate state is used to divide us but we are one and we must stand together against our oppressors if we are to save our Republic and ourselves. The time is now. Just call me Paul Revere. We need feet on the ground in order for our voices to be heard. We are our only hope. From every mountainside let freedom ring.

Image by Tracy Knauss


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Jill Dalton is a recovering army brat/writer/performer who has appeared in film and television as well as performing her solo plays in New York and around the country. Most recently she can be seen in and consulted for William Hurt on the HBO film, “Too Big To Fail.” Her articles have been published on: Dandelion Salad, RSN, OpEdNews Progressive Activists Voice & NationofChange. Her book, "Is It Fascism Yet?" is available on Amazon.com. View all posts by recoveringarmybrat

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